Best Air Trekker Jumping Stilts 2020 Review

Are you looking for a new hobby that is fun, exciting and can greatly improve your fitness? best air trekker jumping stilts might be the answer! Jumping stilts are special stilts that incorporate springs, allowing you to jump to great heights. You can run while wearing them, jump over tall objects, and even perform stunts.

They have become incredibly popular over the past few years and there are now hundreds of videos online showing the amazing stunts that can be performed. There are also many different manufacturers who make stilts for people of all ages and skill levels.

This jumping stilts guide explains how to choose the perfect pair of best air trekker jumping stilts and use them safely. Then we will explain how to get started jumping stilts and highlight five of the best jumping stilts on the market.

Jumping stilts were invented by a German aerospace engineer named Alexander Boeck and patented in the United States in 2003. They are spring-loaded stilts that attach to both legs. When tied up, a person stands about 16-20 inches above the ground.

When the user jumps and lands on the ground, the springs compress and bounce, causing them to fly through the air! The harder the user pushes the stilts towards the ground, the higher they jump. Some of the best known jumping waders brands include Powerskips, Fly Jumpers, Pro-Jumps, Air-Trekkers, Flying Jumpers, and Power Strider.

Jumping stilts are great fun, but they can also be used for exercise. Jogging on a pair of jumping stilts helps you build strong legs, core strength, and great cardiovascular fitness.

There are a number of considerations to consider when choosing the right pair of stilts to jump, including age, skill level, and weight. Here are some simple tips to help you find the right pair.

Best air trekker jumping stilts – Carbon Fiber Spring Jumping Stilts

These power bocks, Kangaroo shoes also known as jumping stilts or spring stilts, are specially designed stilts for walking, running and of course jumping. These shoes or “stilts” are used for acrobatics, exercise or just for fun. There are many brands and companies that make jumping stilts, but if you’re interested in learning about the best jumping stilts in 2020, this article is just for you. We’ll take a look at jumping stilts to help you decide which one is best for you.

1. Air-Trekkers Jumping Stilts, BW Extreme 1 Pair of Spring Loaded Jumping Stilts Flips, Tricks, Exercise, Fitness, Entertainment, Protection Pads & Knee Support Included.

Best air trekker jumping stilts

BIONIC DESIGN: High performance carbon fiber springs. Leg cuff and wide Velcro straps for added security. Certification: SGS and CE.

RUN, JUMP, FLIP: run faster, jump higher. Try parkour, free running and stunt tricks and rides. Hands free POGO STICK on each leg!

EXERCISE AND PHYSICAL STATE: Cardio, the core strength of the body. Awaken athletic abilities ideal for agility, coordination, balance and explosive strength.

US LICENSED TRADEMARK ONLY: The Air Trekkers brand is the only royalty-paying licensee in the US for the German patent holder, Mr. Boeck. Quality parts and service for 11 years in the United States

Air-Trekkers is one of the best known brands of Best Air Trekker Jumping Stilts. Their products are well made, comfortable to wear and work well. This model is designed for adults weighing between 160 and 210 pounds. It features high-quality carbon fiber springs, a durable aluminum frame and well-padded knee supports.

This model can handle anything from general fitness contests to thrilling stunts and parkour jumps. Because the stilts are so light, they are perfect for anyone looking to perform a back flip or other advanced stunt. The excellent durability of this product means it is very safe to use.

2. Iconiciris Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise (66-110lbs/30~50kg)(Blue)

Best air trekker jumping stilts

Iconiciris store authorized. Certification: SGS and CE,it indicate the jump stilts is safe to play
Load Range:Weight: 66~110lbs/30~50kg
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Special Product’s Supplier
it is newest and popular sports gear in the world

This is a fantastic pair of jumping stilts designed for children. They measure 23 and a half inches to the top bracket with a foot pad that is 10 inches off the ground. This makes them the ideal size for an older child or teenager.

These jumping stilts have a flat spring that is controlled under deformation — this means that movement is very straight relative to the ground, making them easy to balance on. This product is intended for a child who is getting their first pair of jumping stilts and will be performing basic jumps.

3. Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise (155~200 Ibs/70~90kg) Bouncing Shoes (Yellow)

Best air trekker jumping stilts

Certification: SGS and CE, indicates these jumping stilts are safe to play
Load range: Weight: 155 ~ 200lbs / 70 ~ 90kg
Manufactured by: Supplier of special products for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
It is the newest and most popular sports equipment in the world.

If you’re looking for a fun way to reduce stress and lose weight, these Skyrunner jumping stilts are a smart investment. SGS and CE certified, the stilts are safe for everyone – you can practice tricks or just jump to burn calories.

Reliable and high-tech, the jerseys are made of resistant materials and are equipped with a double fastening system that perfectly holds the feet to the platform. The whole system is so comfortable that the stilts will look like natural extensions of your legs.

Thanks to their robust construction and tight fastening system, the jumping stilts can be used for high jumps, stunts and even intense races. Despite what the manufacturer’s name suggests, it won’t actually reach heaven. But we’re here to ensure it gets close.

4. Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise (200-242lbs/90~110kg) Bouncing shoes (silver)

Full 6063 style aluminum frame, 2.8mm thick, nylon belt, high quality fiberglass spring, non-slip and wear-resistant rubber foot
Spring: special glass fiber reinforced; Body: aluminum alloy; Phase: rubber; Connection: bolt or nut
Load range: Weight: 200 ~ 242lbs / 90 ~ 110kg, CE and SGS certification
It’s easy to use, balancing on stilts is like walking.
a full body fitness machine, popular sporting goods, nice gift

This is another great pair of Skyrunner jumping stilts. This pair is designed for heavier adults in the 200 to 242 pound range. It features a sturdy aluminum frame and well-constructed fiberglass spring that guarantees years of fun. These jumping stilts are a great option for adults who want to get fit while having fun. Most adults can reach 10 miles per hour by running on these stilts and jumping up to 7 feet in the air.

5. Jump-bird Jumping Stilts Pogo Stilts 66-110lbs/30-50kg Black

Full Aluminum Frame 6063 Style, Thickness 2.8mm,Nylon Belt,High Quality Fibreglass Spring,Wear Proof & Skid Proof Rubber Foot
Spring: special reinforced glass fiber;Body: aluminum alloy;Step: rubber;Connection: bolt or nut
Load Range :Weight: 66-110lbs/30-50kg,CE&SGS Certification
It is easy to use,Balancing on Stilts is the same as in walking
an all-body fitness machine,popular sports goods,Nice gift

This is a fantastic pair of children’s Best Air Trekker Jumping Stilts that is safe and affordable. They are made from a full 6063 aluminum frame that is extremely durable. Other features include a special reinforced fiberglass spring, thick nylon straps, skid proof rubber feet and adjustable kneepads. It is designed to be used by people weighing between 66 to 110pounds.

The best jumping stilts in general

The Air-Trekkers – Spring Carbon Fiber Best air trekker jumping stilts are an amazing product. They are well made and designed for both professionals and hobby enthusiasts. You can do anything with these bouncy curves and they are built to last!

Best value for money

For adults, adult kangaroo stilts are great value for money. For the kids, take the Jump-bird jumping stilts – they’re safe, well-made and affordable!

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best stilts to jump! You will love this sport, you will get fit while having incredible fun! Be sure to check out our obstacle course ideas for adults too.

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