5 Best jumping stilts for kids review 2020

Can you imagine anything better than physical sports that tune your body and fill it with a new form of excitement? Well, everyone would agree with that, but today, as in other fields, the sport has become quite fun. New forms of sport are emerging and Best stilts jumping (kangaroo jumping as a sport) is becoming very popular and for good reason. Given all the positive aspects of practicing this sport, no one would mind not doing it as it is not only a sport but also an easy way to lose weight and get in good shape.

Exercise on stilts has been shown to control bad cholesterol and prevent it from getting too high. There are so many Best jumping stilts for kids out there and categorized by body weight, most youth stilts may or may not be used by people who have more bodyweight. You are about to read some of the best wading reviews right now, hopefully, you will pick one too.

Best jumping stilts for kids

1. Sky Runner© Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts

Best jumping stilts for kids

These jumping stilts are available in two color options to suit your preferences. You can choose between Crimson Red or Matte Black. These Best jumping stilts for kids are made for children and babies with a weight range of approximately 50kg or 110lbs. According to some health experts, children between the ages of 8 and 13 generally fall into this weight category.

The construction of these jumping stilts is solid and they can easily support the specified weight range. These brightly colored jumping stilts are designed to attract attention and highlight the excitement and adventurous spirit of children. These jumping stilts are safe for children, although they do take some time to fully understand and balance. Initially, it is recommended to supervise children during the first few sessions, but they will lose their hair later on, so to speak!

If red is not your color, these inflatable stilts are also available in black for a more mature and “serious” look. These jumping stilts are certified by SGS and CE for safety regulation purposes. The weight and height of the child play an important role in how waders work. For example, if your child is leaner, he or she will not be able to achieve greater lift when jumping due to the less pressure of the weight on the springs. Likewise, if your child is tall, they may have a little trouble using stilts to jump, as the straps can fall below the knee, causing uneven support. So ideally these jumping stilts are best for kids with an average build.


  • Robust construction
  • Bright color choice of red or black
  • Ideal weight range for children


  • Performance varies by body type
  • It could cause injury if the baby is not careful
  • Springs creak over time and may require regular lubrication

2. Jump stilts with load weight 66-110lbs for kids

Best jumping stilts for kids

Skyrunner Jump Stilts is an industry-leading brand to buy with confidence. These are specially designed Best jumping stilts for kids and teens with an excellent weight range. The stilts support a weight of 66-110 lbs, making them a great option for kids, children and teens. They are quality stilts designed with the user’s weight in mind. These are fairly strong stilts with a 6063 style aluminum frame. The stilts feature a 2-8mm thick nylon fiber spring for durability and optimal jump. They are also CE and SGS certified for added safety and peace of mind.


  • 2-8 mm thick nylon belt
  • Full 6063 style aluminum frame for durability and high performance
  • 66-110 carrier
  • SGS and CE certification

3. Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes- Best Jumping Stilts for Kids – Fitness Exercise (66-110lbs/30~50kg)

Best jumping stilts for kids

Experts say that children between the ages of 9 and 14 tend to belong to this weight category. If your child falls within that range, this may be your best unit. The construction is solid.

The assembly is reliable because everything holds together perfectly. It is certified by SGS and CE. Kangaroo shoes for kids and teens are safe for your babies.

It seems that these stilts are ready to foster the adventurous spirit in children. I particularly like the idea that you take them away from video games or late night television.

If your child is not the sociable type, this device will train their mind to think differently and adjust how they relate to others. They are the best jumping stilts for kids.

Outstanding features:

  • Safe to play
  • The newest and most popular sports equipment in the world.
  • Load range: Weight: 66 ~ 110lbs / 30 ~ 50kg
  • SGS and CE certified

4. Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts For Fitness Exercise – Youth jumping stilts Reviews

Best jumping stilts for kids

This is the “older children” version of the previous unit. You may want to consider getting one once your child gains weight as he grows. The functionality and certification are practically the same.

Making the switch ensures that your child can do more with their device. I mean your child can do higher 360s, wheels, sprints and rebounds.

This is the time when you can help strengthen your child’s health. Other family members who have health problems, especially weight problems, can participate.

Health and fitness experts have attested to the ability of these stilts to lower cholesterol and fatty acid levels and restore ugly butt, waist and calf shape.

Feature Highlights:

  • Weight: 88-132lbs/40-60kg
  • Safe to play
  • Certification: SGS and CE
  • 23.5cm for the length of platform of shoes
  • Foot platform is 12″ high off the ground
  • come With knee and wrist pads

5. Kids/child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise

Best jumping stilts for kids

These jumping stilts are for children and young people. Kangaroo shoes are a wading fitness exercise that can be used for people weighing between 88 and 132 pounds. It comes in three different colors and its price is quite reasonable too. There is nothing to fear from doing this exercise as it has been certified by SGS and CE. These are high quality Best jumping stilts for kids made by Beijing Games special product supplier. It can be purchased via DHL shipping worldwide. The great thing about these jumping stilts is that they can be viewed as both a sport and a healthy exercise.

Things to consider when buying the best jumping stilts

It requires caution when looking for the best stilts to jump. Be sure to do a thorough review of the jumping stilts you are considering. At a minimum, review them against:

  • Answer: Know the response level of the stilts. Jumping stilts for adults must be chosen carefully. Those with a high response level caused knee, leg, and back injuries in older people. On the other hand, kids like fast-moving stilts that have high levels of impact.
  • Jumping Style: Some people are more of a “heel jumper” than a forward jumper. Jumping stilts that don’t match your style can cause durability issues.
  • Size: There are weight categories to choose the correct size. If it weighs around 50kg, choose a small unit. For a 180kg person, one of the medium-sized stilts will be perfect.
  • Bounce Type: Ask for Spring. It is the part that causes the bounce. The types of rebounds are strong rebound, soft rebound, and self-adjusting rebound.
  • Lateral Movement: Try riding kangaroo running shoes. Check to see if you feel comfortable moving your legs. The development of blisters on the feet is a common complaint.
  • Noise – Jumping on stilts can make annoying sounds. Some models only run quietly for the first few weeks of use.
  • Frame: Check the material used and how the posts are designed. Don’t get carried away by looks.
  • Spring Type: There are different types of springs. Some have large rebound forces. If the goal is to lose weight or burn up energy quickly, choose stilts to run with a lower rebound force. Springs lose tensile strength over time.
  • Chemical Smells – Some running stilts have horrible chemical smells. You may be allergic to rubber, paint, or metal odors.
  • Ease of use: the weight of the stilts must be easy to manage. They must be easy to use.


There is nothing wrong with at least trying this sport and you will see the difference in the days, believe me. Before buying, you need to see how much weight you can tolerate and decide accordingly.

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